Official Selections posted on December 18, 2017

Competition Final Results posted on December 22, 2017

Best Feature Length Film
WINNER - In Line Chichi Ozoemena
Nominee - Iron Brothers Tate Smith
Nominee - Silver Service Jowel Rainey
Nominee - Lords of the Netherworld Thomas Wilk
Nominee - Demonia Undertaker Geovanni Molina
Best Short Length Film
WINNER - G[r]o[w]ing Up Annabelle Frost
Nominee - A Whole World for a Little World Fabrice BRACQ
Nominee - New Neighbors E.G. Bailey
Nominee - War of the Cultures Dan Bricker
Nominee - Your Mom Says Hi! Pilot Carlie and Doni
Best Documentary
WINNER - Game Of Territory Michael Derun
Nominee - The Unheard Feminine voice of the Middle-East Soula Saad
Nominee - Fake Geek Girl Bonnie Harris-Lowe
Nominee - The Arcade Creek Project: A Mosaic of Sustainability Jierel Almario
Nominee - Meanwhile in La La Land Ira Hoffecker-Sattler
Best Animated Film
WINNER - Zoetrope Penko Gelev
Nominee - Believe - An Animated Short Russell Green
Nominee - Say What!: A Geriatric Proposal Aaron Weinstein
Nominee - Song of Spring Linda Beers
Nominee - The Magic Picnic David Pagano
Best Actor
WINNER - Induced Effect Rasheed Stephens
Nominee - Dear George Neil Fannin
Nominee - High Lonesome Michael Solarez
Nominee - The Jacket Clayton Stocker Myers
Nominee - In Line Uzor Arukwe
Best Actress
WINNER (tie) - G[r]o[w]ing Up Mary Kate Wiles
WINNER (tie) - In Line Adesua Etomi
Nominee - New Neighbors Sha Cage
Nominee - The Curtain Sarah Dawn Pledge
Nominee - Jill and Bobby Alicia Brower
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
WINNER - The Curtain Giles Panton
Nominee - War of the Cultures Yair Ben-Dor
Nominee - BUCKOUT ROAD Colm Feore
Nominee - The Other Side Of The Door Christopher J. Karr
Nominee - The Caregiver Bjorn johnson
Best Actress in a Supporitng Role
WINNER - White Lines Jennifer English
Nominee - The Jacket Amanda Viola
Nominee - G[r]o[w]ing Up Fran Bennett
Nominee - LE RISQUE ZERO Florence Maury
Nominee - The 4 Corners Amy Buchanan
Best Director
WINNER - G[r]o[w]ing Up Annabelle Frost
Nominee - In Line Tope Oshin
Nominee - New Neighbors E.G. Bailey
Nominee - A Whole World for a Little World Fabrice BRACQ
Nominee - A Little Rusty Devin Scott
Best Original Feature Screenplay
WINNER - Fire on Ice Courtney Suttle
Nominee - Mona Lisa Caper Gina Cresse
Nominee - Escape to Planet B346 Tom Thorpe
Nominee - Hollow Earth Quest

Screenplay: Kathy Krantz-Stewart

Book: Danny Weiss

Best Short Subject Screenplay
WINNER - Couples David Bemis
Nominee - Richer Than a White Man Christine Stevens DeLorenzo
Nominee - A Jungle Dark Courtney Suttle
Nominee - So Who's Got the Gun? Sheila Jenca
Nominee - A New Sound Joey Fama
Other Official Selections (Alphabetical Order)
Feature Length Film
4 Corners Alex Gunn
Akela Bryony Byrne
Call Center Anton Deshawn
INDUCED EFFECT Rasheed Stephens
Jill and Bobby Sokhan Sar
The Other Side Of The Door Ira Farmer
Short Length or Documentary Film
A big Love Max Chicco
A Little Rusty Devin Scott
A Very Fairy Country Club Misty Madden
Black Milk of Daybreak Ira Hoffecker-Sattler
Convention Dan Nastro
Creatures of Whitechapel Jonathan Martin
Dear George Emily Skyle-Golden
Escape Xibei Hu
First Love Lera Ogourtsova
High Lonesome Joseph Olivas
If I Can't Dance At Your Revolution, I'm Not Coming Jan Kobal
Jamie's Girl Grey Gowder
Jon Gemma Addy and Dave Slade
Journey From War to Peace Terry Leary
Kenny The Gun Michael McGlone
Meet Cute Louis Taylor-Baggs
MONDAY Dinh Thai
New York 2150 (TV Pilot) Harry Assouline
Now Departing Josh Evans
Spring Fever Michelle Leduc Catlin
Steps Alan Tsao
Story of Self Set Hernandez Rongkilyo
Subconscious Jason Schulz
The Barber Shop Shane McCabe
The Barn Bryce Burton
The Caregiver Ally Downs
The Curtain Crystal Lowe
The Great Game of Men Hoang Le
The Jacket Sergio Vaccaro
The King in the Ring Heather Hillstrom
The Perfect Fit Emory Parker
The Prescription Shane McCabe
Under The Underground Brian Cox
White Lines Stuart Heinlein
Feature Length Screenplay
Arvin Lindemeyer Takes Canarsie D Ferrara
Bombs Over Baghdad Riley Perez
Cadeby David Keogh
Clash Of Iron Richard Reed
Colorblind (The Legacy of Alvin Bell) Pamela Peak
Driving Your Mind Christina Parisi
Man in the Arena John Eason
Petals of the Midnight Rose John Phalen
RIGGERS dane krogman
Road Rage Calvin Phillips
Stacey Steve Hanisch
Stoning the Jasmine Zaina Deeb
The Border Agent John Madill
The Cut Christopher Kerr
The Light of Xoranthia Adam Rogers
The Red Shoes Tina Love
Under Martial Law A'isha Saleh
VietCom Steve Hanisch
Waitlist Sheila Jenca
Short Length Screenplay
Conversations at 35,000 Feet Lori Allred
Esc.(ape) Online: 01x01 - "Pilot" Christopher Kerr
Foreign Politics Ben Maloney
HAZMAT Capucine Berney
I Love You More Courtney Suttle
In Dreams Jessica Gohlke
Lois, Superman and Willy stefano Bozzo
No Days Off Anthony Riegert
Recidivism Stina Carlstedt
Scabs R Kitchen
Selah Selam Michael Vincent Montgomery
Sin Lottery Kate Lauryn
The Devil's Justice Bryan Michael Block
The Rental Laura LP
The Side Job Al Tevanyan
Welcome to America Richard Geiwitz

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