Competition Final Results

Winner - Best Short Film
Jason Schulz Les Bouffons
Winner - Best Feature Length Film
Agim Sopi Agnus Dei
Winner - Best Foreign Language Film
Pierre GaffiƩ The Dolphin Skin City
Winner - Best Documentary
Gina Szajnuk Szajnuk (Zanik) Family Whole Genome Sequencing Mission
Winner - Best Actor
Robert Castel Teenagers
Winner - Best Actress
Karolina Bil Refurbished
Winner - Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Eric Roberts Spanners
Winner - Best Actress in a Supporitng Role
Louise Malouin Petite Pomme
Winner - Best Director
Jason Schulz Les Bouffons
Winner - Best Original Song
Nez Erok "Beautiful" - Beautiful
Winner - Best Film Music Soundtrack
Kevin Macleod Easy Silence
Winner - Best Cinematography
Pierre Chemaly Traces of Memory
Winner - Best Makeup
Lei Chi & Lina Zhao Carry On
Film Finalists (Alphabetical Order)

David E. Munz-Maire, Taylor Stanton and Liann Kaye

Animal Love II
Dylan Narang Broken English
Vladimir Shegolkov From Five till Seven
Christopher Pettoni Dunes Atlantic
Mitch Cappe Found Footage
Nicholas J. DeMicco Grafters
Suzana Pandek Kauboji
Jennifer Amorelli Roseality
Nigel Deans The Golden Truth
Jefferson Stein Tumble Dry Low
Damien Stein Une Balade a La Mer
David Joseph Keller Woolite Extra Dark Care
Andrew Koss Zizi And Honeyboy
Winner - Best Original Feature Screenplay
Tammy Gross The Treasure Galleons
Winner - Best Historical Adaptation Screenplay
Robert J. McCrea Nikita Sergeyevich
Winner - Best Screenplay based on Factual Material
Steven Prowse The Night Witches
Winner - Best Short Subject Screenplay
Jim Sea Unredeemable
Winner - Best Screenplay based on Another Medium
Aurora Turrey A Clown named Happy Face
Screenplay Finalists (Alphabetical Order)
Twitchy Dolphin Flix 3 Sons of a Gun
Robert Gately Boo Hoo Flanagan
Ana R. Dominick Boomerang the Great
Michael Hallberg Flood
Bernard Zeiger Foul is Fair
Jeffrey A. Russel & Lynda Lemberg Grace
Bernard Zeiger Hellbound
Jan Evans Jacob's Ocean
Jake Bottiglieri Kingfisher
Gavin Cutter Lost Haven
Joe Crouch Pandora's Blight
Tim & Martin Marks Shadow Puppets
Don Carr The Ara
Blythe Ann Johnson

The Girl

Carlos Franco The Pizza Palace
Joey Fama Town House of Doom
Jennifer De Poyen Under My Roof
Amy Guggenheim When
Jan Evans You Are Cheyenne

Honorary Award - Best In Fest
(Screenplay that did not make the finals with most creative twist)

David Nagao A Day Like Any Other Day

Honorary Award - Audience Choice Award
(Screenplay that did not make the finals with highest point scores from script readers)

Albert O'Brian Divine Miss Whats-Her-Name

Honorary Award - Special Jury Award
(Screenplay that did not make the finals with the highest point scores from the judges)

Jean Kelley Le Compte de Marseille

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