Competition Final Results

Winner - Feature Length Film
Juan Francisco de la Guardia I Become Gilgamesh
Winner - Short Film
Bill McGuire To The Last Drop
Winner - Feature Length Film Screenplay
Patrick Tobin Cake
Winner - Short Film Screenplay
Jack Ross Never
Feature Film Finalists
2nd - Rob Medaska MP2V
3rd - Diego Rougier Sal
Rui Goulart 1st Vez 16 mm
Farhad Vali Black Noise
Merlin Merton Crashcourse: On The State Of Being
Thomas L. Phillips Quite A Conundrum
Short Film Finalists
2nd - Sylvain Giannetto One shot et petites consequences
3rd (tie) - Christoph Kuschnig Hatch
3rd (tie) - Marc Saez Suivez la Fleche
Gerry Orz Day Of Silence
Michal Lavi Glue
Adrian McFarlane Goodbye, Cruel World
Petong Sakulchai Revenge Flame of Hayabusa
Robin Kupferman Slip Cue
Isaac Ergas Snow
Feature Length Film Screenplay Finalists
2nd - Diana Posner I Love Playing With Fire
3rd - Jared Bentley Love Bites: A Werewolf Romance
Jan Hadwen Hubbell A Perfect Gentleman
John Harris First Semester
Brian Millard Fugly
Danny Howell The Paper Route
Nathan Goldman The Ruins of Oz
Christopher Dockens Together
Gregory Heitmann Where There's Smoke (There's Monsters)
Short Length Film Screenplay Finalists
2nd - Paul Ellington Dating Alfie
3rd - Zachary Vojdani Itsy Bitsy Tries Again
Steven Karageanes Empath
Alon Bar Learn From Mistakes
Erik Grossman Mary Kelly
Stuart Creque Only For You
Thomas Pace The Wrong Man
Alex Sobol Transhumans
Christopher Leps Wholehearted

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