Competition Final Results

Winner - Fernleif Festival Favorite
Robert Thomas Life and Other Myths
Winner - Feature Length Film
Gina See-yuen Wong Orient Top Town
Winner - Short Film
Seo Yun Hong Teamwork
Winner - Feature Length Film Screenplay
Larry Brenner Flesh and Blood
Winner - Short Film Screenplay
David Schroeder Lana Lui
Winner - Best Teleplay, Stage Play, Music Video or Animation
Marcus Ng, Nick Matthews Good Bot, Bad Bot! (animation)
Feature Film Finalists (excludes the winners)
Kris De Meester Four Roses
Chineze Anyaene Ije (The Journey)
Beau Roberts The Isle of Succession
Florian Steinbiss Neander-Jin, The Return of the Neanderthal Man
William Morroni The Safehouse
Short Film Finalists (excludes the winners)
Roy Choi Bird of Paradise
Spencer Stuard A Day at the Park
Carlos Florez Daydreaming
Paul Beliveau My Life Sucks Pond Water Through a Dirty Straw.com
Mark Legaspi Package to Hong Kong
Feature Length Film Screenplay Finalists (excludes the winners)
Delwin Morris Crooked Miles
Jennifer Harrison Go East!
Robert Matthews Killer Instinct
Benjamin Bates There Are No Superheroes
Nathan Foulger Together
Short Length Film Screenplay Finalists (excludes the winners)
Russ Brandon Aliens and Princesses
Tony Longo Angel Gabrial
Katarzyna Kochany Language of Love
Nur Zahra Young Nightshade
Jon McDonald The Opening
Best Teleplay, Stage Play, Music Video or Animation Finalists (excludes the finalists)
Shabnam Rezaei 1001 Nights - Episode 5 - Hunchback's Tale (Animation)
Kasper Synnevaag Apple (Music Video)
Gabriel Haze Dagnese "Come Over After" (Music Video)
Matt McCullough Finding My Magic (Animation)
Havon Baraka Goodnight, NY (Teleplay)
Tony Tang Little Gobie (Animation)
K. F. Kidwell Soup (Stage Play)
Sara Blodgett Unfamous (Stage Play)

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