Fernleif Productions

Fernleif Productions is a full production company dedicated to creating films and applications that will change your life. With everything from SciFi to Drama to Comedy, we are actively seeking out projects that change the ways that people think.

Back in the Box Competition

The Back in the Box Competition (BIB) is a way for Screenplay writers to present their concepts and ideas for Fernleif Productions for possible collaboration or acquisition. Each year, the top winners are awarded cash and other prizes in order to help them get their project off the page and onto the screen.

Filmmakers are also encouraged to participate since the prizes awarded increase the viewership of the film, possibly leading to a full distribution deal.

Best of the Best Competition

The Annual Best of the Best Competition (BOTB), is looking for the Best of the Best in films and screenplays. The winners receive cash prizes to help promote their amazing work within the industry. You are competing against some of the best in the industry. Now is your time to shine.

This worldwide competition strives to give emerging writers, filmmakers and actors an opportunity to compete based on their talent alone. If you feel that the work you have created is better than anything else out there, then this is the competition for you. Accepting submissions from all over the world, BOTB is open to an amazing array of talent from both established and emerging markets.

Updates from past winners and finalists:

Peter Rajesh Joachim - "Blood Empires"

"Being selected for Back in the Box helped us obtain distribution."

"Blood Empires" - Star crossed lovers walk either side of the law, struggling to rise as the world pushes them down.  Murder may destroy them.





This feature film directorial debut for Peter Rajesh Joachim was shot in 12 days.  Blood Empires stars Stevie Jay, Kassandra Santos, Walter Alza, and Jerry Schaefer.  The film went on to many festivals with 7 nominations and 5 wins.  December 2016 after receiving distribution with Factory Film Studio, Blood Empires was released on multiples platforms.  Also, Factory Film Studio secured a deal in June 2017 for Blood Empires to be available in 40+ Million homes in the US on Cable VOD through Verizon, Spectrum, and 26 other regional cable service providers.  

Anthony Vollmer & Craig Horwitz - "FEAR, There & Everywhere"

"Named a finalist in the Back in the Box Screenplay Competition"

When Craig Horwitz decided it was time to take the next step from writing scripts to making films, he approached, his long-time friend/actor/writer/musician, Anthony Vollmer, about a project that pokes fun at the most controversial condiment in the world. Mayonnaise! After reading the story outline, Vollmer was intrigued by all the drama that a small jar of mayo could contribute towards the universe at large. So much so, he came on board not only as co-writer and co-director, but also taking on the lead acting role for this epic condimental journey, titled “The Mayo Conspiracy.” In the film festival circuit, their directorial debut won two "Best Feature Comedy" awards, as well as a Best Director honor. In July of 2017, the film launched on Amazon: 


Recently, they completed the screenplay for their follow-up project, "FEAR, There & Everywhere," which has already been named a finalist in the Back in the Box Screenplay Competition, Barnstorm Script Fest and Austin Revolution Film Festival. Their story is a spoof about the real presence of fear in just about every aspect of American life. They want to show how taken-for-granted fear is in most media, with the same irreverent comedic style that entertained audiences in their previous film.